• Frequently Asked Questions


    When does the sign up process start?

    You can start signing up right away. Please go to the Register  page to do so.

    How do I sign up for the tournament?

    You can sign up online by completing the Registration Form. Please note that the registration is not complete until the payment has been received. For more details on sign up and payment options, visit our Payment Options page.

    What is the last day to sign up for the tournament?

    There are limited entries available for the tournament and it is on a first-come first-served basis. Registrations will be closed once we meet the desired numbers. Please register & pay by 15th Aug, 2017  if you would like avail our ‘Early bird discount offer’ of USD 50 off per golfer.

    Who can participate in the tournament?

    Amateur golfers, both men and  women, above 18 years of age, with a valid handicap certificate from their home club, not more than 1 month old can participate in the tournament.


    What are the dates of the tournament?

    The Tournament dates are from 5th – 10th November, 2017. Participants are required to arrive on 5th November, 2017 to enable registration. Tournament rounds are on the 6th, 7th & 9th November 2017.  Departure transfers to the Siem Reap Airport are scheduled on 10th November 2017.

    What is included in the tournament Package?

    For complete details on the package prices and inclusions/exclusions, please visit the “Event Packages” page.

    What is the schedule for the tournament?

    The final schedule will be sent to the registered participants along with other details. You can also find the schedule on our website Tournament Schedule page.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    Participants will receive a full refund if they cancel their bookings before September 20th 2017 subject to cancellation charges of USD 100.

    Non cancellable from September 20th 2017

    What is the format of the tournament?

    Standard/Modified Stableford Format. For more information, go to the Tournament Format, Rules & Prizes page.

    What are the tournament rules?

    The USGA and R&A rules govern all play except where modified by local rules. For rules specific to the Tournament, go to the Tournament Format, Rules & Prizes page.

    What prizes are available?

    What prizes are available?
    Many attractive trophies and prizes will be included. For details visit the Tournament Format, Rules & Prizes page.


    How can I make my payment for the Tournament Package?

    After sign up, you will receive an invoice with instructions on how to make your payment. You can pay online using your debit or credit card or via internet banking. You can also make bank transfers or deposit your Cheques/DDs into our bank account. Payment options details are also provided on our Payment Options page

    By when do I have to make the payment?

    After you sign up for the tournament and receive an online invoice with instructions for payment, you are required to make the payment within 3 days. If the price is subject to an on-going offer, payment will have to be made before the end of the offer period or within 3 days whichever is sooner. The exchange rate at the time of payment will apply due to constant currency rate fluctuations.

    Are all taxes and duties included in the package?

    Yes, the prices include all the current taxes and duties for the ground package. But in case additional taxes are imposed during the course of the next few months, the same will be added to the price. Please refer to the exclusions in each package for more clarity.

    Do I have to pay an additional charge if I choose online payment through credit cards, debit cards or internet banking?

    Yes, there is an additional charge of 3% to the total invoice amount if you choose to pay online via Mastercard & Visa and 4% if you pay via Amex cards.

    Does my payment guarantee participation?

    Besides payment, participation in the tournament is guaranteed only if there is compliance of certain rules such as valid Handicap Index certificates, Age verification and so on as determined by the tournament committee.


    What golf courses will I be playing at?

    Angkor Golf Resort, Phookeethra Country Club, Booyoung Country Club.

    Do the golf courses provide food and beverage?

    Along with On-course refreshments, after the round, lunch will be provided all the participants at the club house, which is a part of the package inclusions. Other snacks and beverages may be purchased on the course or at the kiosks by the participants and are not provided for by the organizers.

    Can a non-participant like a family member or friend come to the golf course to watch the tournament?


    Can I rent clubs in Siem Reap for the Tournament?

    Yes, you may rent clubs at the golf courses directly at the prevailing rates subject to availability. It is recommended to reserve clubs in advance and it is even better if you can carry your own set.

    Will I be provided with a caddie and a cart?

    Yes, you will be provided with one caddie and a shared buggy for each round.

    Can I user Range Finders during the tournament?

    Yes, you can use Range Finders during the tournament but only for distance, not for slope.


    What is the handicap requirement?

    0-24 for Men
    0-36 for Women

    Any Handicap above this will be reduced to 24 and 36.

    What are the Handicap categories?

    Men: 0 – 24

    Women: 0 – 36

    How will the Handicap Index be ascertained?

    All participants must WhatsApp (+91 9701928844), or email (events@golftripz.com) a valid Handicap Index certificate as on 1st October 2017, from their home club duly certified, no later than 5th October 2017. For courses that are not slope rated, the golfers’ handicap reduced to 85% will serve as their Handicap Index,.

    Which tees will the participants play from?

    We will update this information soon.

    Will I need to send in my Handicap Index certificate?

    Yes, we will contact you for your Handicap Index certificate in October and you are required to WhatsApp (+91 9701928844) or email (events@golftripz.com) a valid handicap Index certificate as on 1st October 2017, from your home club duly certified, no later than 5th October 2017. For courses that are not slope rated, the golfer’s handicap x 0.85 will serve as their  handicap index

    Will I need to carry my Handicap certificate for the tournament?

    For the tournament, please ensure that the valid handicap index certificates are sent as per the requirements given above. But it is also advisable to carry your handicap certificates if you are planning additional rounds of golf either pre or post event.

    How are participants flighted?

    Two participants from each team will be flighted with two participants from another team.

    Can I choose my four ball?

    No, refer to the question above.


    Can I choose my room partner?

    Yes, as long as both you and your proposed room partner complete the registration formalities. You may send your preferences by email. In the event that you have chosen the twin sharing package but you do not have a room partner, the single supplement charge will need to be paid.

    Can I book a room with single occupancy? What is the price?

    Yes, you can also book a room with single occupancy. Please fill in the appropriate room preference in the Sign up form. The single occupancy package prices can be viewed here.

    Can I share the room with a non-golfer?

    Yes, you can share a room with a non-golfer. Please register the accompanying non-golfer/s at this link. There is an exciting itinerary for non golfers including sightseeing.

    Can you also book additional rooms for my non-golfing family and friends who may join me during the tournament?

    Yes, we can book additional rooms for non-golfers and also arrange for sightseeing and transfers if required. Please contact us for more details or customized packages.

    Does the accommodation package include breakfast?

    Yes, the accommodation package includes daily breakfast at the hotel.

    Which hotel will I be staying at?

    The hospitality package is planned at 5 Star ‘Angkor Palace Resort & Spa’

    Please note that this is subject to change and therefore you may be put up in a similar 5 star hotel.

    Check in time for the hotel?

    The Check in time is 14:00 hrs.

    Check out time for the hotel?

    The Check out time is 12:00 hrs.

    Will I get Early Check-in at the hotel?

    Early check-in is not part of the Event package and is subject to room availability. However, at an additional cost, you can get guaranteed Early Check-in.

    Will I get Late Check-Out at the hotel?

    Late check out is also not part of the Event package and is subject to room availability. However, at an additional cost, you can get Late Check out until 6 pm.


    Which airport in Siem Reap will I arrive at?

    All international flights land at the Siem Reap International Airport (REP) in Siem Reap.

    Who will receive us at the airport?

    Our representative will receive you at the airport. Please ensure that you inform us regarding your flight details and timings latest by 25th October 2017.

    Do I have to inform you which flight I'm arriving on?

    Yes, you should try to inform us latest by 25th October 2017.

    Will there be a waiting period for transport at the airport once I arrive in Siem Reap?

    Based on flight timings, the number of golfers arriving by the same flight, and visa formalities, you may have to wait to be transferred to the hotel as the transfer is group based.

    How long is the journey from Siem Reap Airport to the hotel?

    It is roughly 15 minutes.

    Is transportation provided from hotel to golf courses?

    Yes, transportation is provided from hotel to golf courses. Depending on the package you select, it will either by a Coach or Team based private transfers.

    Will transportation be provided in the evenings after the tournament rounds?

    No, transportation is provided point to point and is only applicable for your golf course transfers. Any additional usage will be chargeable.

    What is the mode of transport?

    Based on the package you chose, transfers will either be by a Coach/Bus or Private Team Based Vehicles for your 4 Ball.

    Can private luxury vans be arranged for us?

    Yes, if you require private transfers in luxury vans for you or your group, please email us latest by 5th October 2017 and we will provide the same for you at prevailing additional rates.


    Can I take my family along for the duration of the Tournament?

    Yes, your family can join you for the duration of the Tournament. We have separate Non-Golfer packages for accompanying non-playing friends and family. Please visit the Events Packages pages for more details. Please contact us for more details.

    Can my spouse accompany me for the Welcome Dinner & Prize Distribution Ceremony & Dinner?

    Yes, accompanying spouses or friends who have taken up the Event Non-Golfing package can attend the two dinners as it is part of their package.

    Can I bring other guests to the Prize Distribution Ceremony & dinner?

    There will be an additional charge for other guests, i.e., guests who have not taken up the Event Non-Golfing package. You can check with the events team on the price and payment.

    Can my spouse/guest accompany me to the Golf Courses?


    What will my non golfing companions do while I play at the tournament?

    Non-Golfers Itinerary includes four days sightseeing as part of the program. We can offer additional sightseeing options if you are interested and customize. Please contact us for more details.


    We would like to play more golf in Cambodia and other countries

    Please visit our Extensions page for extensions in various regions of Cambodia or write to us at events@golftripz.com for customized packages.

    We would like to extend our trip in Cambodia

    Perfect, Cambodia has some really good destinations. Please visit our Extensions page or write to us at events@golftripz.com for customized packages.


    When and where will I receive my registration kit?

    Registration will be on 5th November  at the hotel/s in Siem Reap. Further details regarding registration will be provided closer to the tournament.

    What will the registration kit contain?

    The registration kit will contain the tournament details and your welcome goodies.

    Will I be required to submit any other details after receipt of the registration kit?

    Yes, you will be required to submit a copy of your passport at registration for verification.


    What are the visa requirements for Siem Reap, Cambodia ?

    No advance visa is required, it is Visa on Arrival. Visa fee & Express visa service is included in the package price

    Can Golftripz book my flights as well?

    Yes. We do flight bookings as well. Please write to us at events@golftripz.com for your requirements.

    Which airport in Siem Reap will I arrive and depart from?

    You will arrive & depart from Siem Reap International Airport (REP), Siem Reap

    What are your contact numbers in Siem Reap?

    Our contact numbers in Siem Reap along with final itinerary details and vouchers will be emailed to you 7 days prior to the event.

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